Tests We Perform

Nocturnal Polysomnography: Also referred to as a sleep study. This test is necessary to diagnose sleep disorders.  Sleep stages are monitored with the EEG leads, heart rhythm and rate is recorded, breathing is monitored by 2 measures with chest belts as well as leg movements being captured. This test can also be done during the daytime for third shift workers. Covenant HealthCare also specializes in testing for the children who have sleep problems.

Positive Airway Pressure Titration: This test is necessary after a person is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. The same parameters are measured as with the Nocturnal Polysomnography and a nasal mask is applied and then carefully adjusted to each person. This positive pressure helps open up the airway, like a splint, preventing the breathing stoppage. Many people feel refreshed and ready to go after just one night!

Multiple Sleep Latency Testing: This test is done to assess the degree of daytime sleepiness. It involves staying over after a regular sleep study and having a series of naps performed throughout the day. Many of the sensors from the nighttime test are removed. 

Home Sleep Apnea Testing: This test can be done in your home under certain circumstances.  Breathing, heart rate and oxygen levels are all measured with this test. It is a limited test and is not appropriate for all types of patients.

Consultation/Physician Clinic: A board certified sleep physician sees patients on referral or by patient request. He/She will do a comprehensive sleep related physical. From those results, treatment plans will be discussed with the patient.

Pediatric: A board certified sleep physician who specializes in children of any age can see you and your child to help you both sleep and perform better!