Imaging and Diagnostics

We ensure our imaging and diagnostic technology is nothing short of extraordinary.

At Covenant HealthCare, we strive to provide the highest quality imaging for our physicians and our patients. That’s why the Imaging and Diagnostic Department at Covenant HealthCare offers the most advanced radiology imaging equipment and state-of-the-science technology. You can rest assured knowing that we’re providing you with extraordinary care. So when it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality care.

What makes the Imaging and Diagnostic Department at Covenant HealthCare so extraordinary?

  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week for inpatient and outpatient testing
  • Medical images are acquired, stored and viewed in digital format
  • Online consultation between radiologists and physicians available
  • Staffed by highly-trained registered technologists
  • Up-to-date equipment supported by a new Picture Archive Communication System (PACS)

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