Diabetes and Nutrition Education

A healthier lifestyle begins with an extraordinary education.

Diabetes is a serious long-term medical condition. And while it can't be cured, the good news is that you have the power to manage more than 95 percent of it by understanding your diabetes, setting goals and planning how you'll achieve them. Our Covenant Diabetes Center provides you with the best resource for your diabetes care. Whether you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had diabetes since childhood, we help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Covenant Diabetes Center will assist you with ways you can better take care of yourself by setting and meeting your diabetes lifestyle goals. We provide education for both pediatric and adults, so you have all the resources you need to stay healthy no matter what stage of life you’re in.

What makes our Covenant Diabetes Center extraordinary?

  • Certified through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  (MDHHS)
  • Recognized education program through the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES)
  • Only nationally recognized Diabetes Prevention Program in the Great Lakes Bay Region
  • Staffed by highly trained Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES)
  • Provide individualized education through one to one, group and virtual sessions

Diabetes Self-Management Program

One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself if you have diabetes is to learn about your disease and the resources that are available to help you.

Covenant's Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Program and Diabetes Education Series are excellent ways to support your treatment and can provide you with the information you need, especially if:

  • You just found out you have diabetes
  • You are just starting to learn about your part in diabetes self-management
  • You need to update what you know about diabetes
  • You have a friend or family member with diabetes
  • You are diabetic and considering pregnancy
  • You have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes

To register for classes or to talk to one of our diabetes educators, please call 989-583-5190.

Meet the Covenant Diabetes and Nutrition Education Team

Rebecca Srebinski, RDN, CDCES
Diabetes Self-Management Coordinator

Jennifer Ehlert, RD, CDCES
Inpatient Diabetes Educator

Education Appointments Available:

One-on-One Counseling with our educators.

Group Classes for you and your support person.

Virtual Visits

Annual Updates to renew diabetes management areas

Gestational Diabetes and pre-pregnancy counseling

Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Our staff will place a CGM on a participant for a range of 3-14 days, download the information and suggest recommendations to the physician and patient.

Personal Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Our staff will walk participants through wearing their own continuous glucose monitor and assist with set-up.

Insulin Teaching and Adjustments: If you are new to insulin, the educator can assist you in getting started and help you better understand how your insulin works.

Pre-Pump Education: Learn about how insulin pumps work and get assistance from an educator.

Diabetes Prevention Program: Free classes for one year (timeline explained at enrollment)

To register for classes or to talk to one of our diabetes educators, please call 989-583-5190.