Children's Services

It’s never too early to begin living an extraordinary life.

We believe that the journey to living the healthiest, most extraordinary life possible begins during the early stages of life. That’s why our Covenant team is passionate about providing children with compassionate care that meets their specific needs. Because when it comes to being healthy, it’s never too early to get extraordinary care.

Here’s what makes our Covenant children’s services extraordinary:

  • Our Center for Autism is an approved Autism Evaluation Center that provides treatment and support for families whose child has autism.
  • Our McNally Center for Pediatrics provides quality, compassionate and comprehensive medical care for all illnesses and injuries.
  • Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) has a specifically trained professional staff with the experience and confidence to treat every pediatric medical emergency.
  • Our Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has served more than 10,000 ill newborns who require special care after delivery, and is devoted to supporting families with compassionate care.
  • Our Pediatric Emergency Care Center is open 7 days a week with care provided by our board-certified and/or residency-trained emergency medicine team.
  • Our Pediatric Neurology team gives special care to infants and children under the age of 18 with neurologic disorders. 
  • Out Pediatric Rehabilitation program utilizes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology to treat the wide variety of rehabilitation needs in children.

Covenant HealthCare also provides families with the Covenant Children’s Center. This daycare is not only a safe space for your child to stay while you’re at work, but is also an excellent place for them to grow and develop. That’s because our philosophy is:

“At Covenant Children's Center we provide high quality early childhood experiences that focus on promoting children's development through the social, emotional and cognitive needs of every child. Our goal is to help each child further their development as well as see themselves as competent, capable, strong and unique individuals.”

Please note that the Covenant Children’s Center is open to both Covenant and non-Covenant families.