Community Health Needs Assessment
Want to learn more about health needs in Saginaw County? View this year’s needs assessment online here.

Sponsorship Requests and Charitable Giving
Annually, Covenant HealthCare infuses thousands of dollars back into the community. Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, Covenant provides medical services to residents in more than 20 counties. Covenant is proud to provide sponsorship support for community initiatives that improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve and advance our mission to provide extraordinary care for every generation.


  • Eligible recipients must be classified as a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, unit of local government and/or religious institution
  • Funds awarded must be used to benefit the communities served by Covenant HealthCare
  • Eligible recipients must submit an electronic application in accordance with the deadlines outlined below

Application Process and Deadlines

  • All applications must be submitted electronically via the Sponsorship Request Form.
  • If you have questions or supplemental materials, please call 989.583.7655
  • Applications must be received a minimum of 2 months prior to the event or publication deadline.
  • Applications will be reviewed, and notification provided as outlined below.
  • Applicants missing the submission deadline will not be considered for the current giving cycle.
  • Requests made by organizations between application deadlines will be held until the next giving cycle.

Please note: funds awarded may take up to six weeks to process.

For Events After Submission Deadline Committee Review Notification
April 1 January 31  Mid-February After March 1
June 1 March 31 Mid-April After May 1
August 1 May 31 Mid-June After July 1
October 1 July 31 Mid-August After September 1
December 1 September 30 Mid-October After November 1
February 1 November 30 Mid-December After January 1

As a nonprofit organization, Covenant must meet specific criteria in our charitable giving. Applicants will be evaluated on the following:

  • How does the project/event align with Covenant HealthCare’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities?
  • Does the project/event promote and/or improve community health, wellness and disease prevention?
  • Does the project/event promote community growth and neighborhood development?
  • Does the project/event address current health issues, needs, and goals as outlined in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHIP)?

Covenant will not support:

  • Programs or projects outside the communities Covenant serves
  • Individual fundraising
  • Already completed projects
  • Organizations acting as an intermediary source for a nonprofit
  • Individual elementary, middle and high school academic or extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams. Should funding be available, a contribution may be considered for the appropriate school department.
  • Political campaigns, candidates, parties, partisan activities or political action committees

Low priority will be given to:

  • Yearbook ads
  • Sports team ads
  • Administrative or operational costs
  • Travel costs

Request a Health Presenter
Need a speaker for your next meeting or event? Hoping to educate your organization on health information employees can use? Interested in a health fair or health screenings? Covenant HealthCare health professionals can help.

Covenant experts are available to share health information on a variety of topics with community organizations, schools, church groups, service clubs and other audiences. Simply send a request to Kristin Knoll at kknoll@chs-mi.com.

Your request should include:

  • Contact Information – Name, Business/Organization, Address, Phone Number and Email
  • Location of Event
  • Date and Time of Event
  • Type of Event (Speaker Presentation, Health Fair etc.)
  • Speaker Topic if Applicable

A notice of six weeks is requested to secure a speaker that best suits the needs of the event.

Volunteer with Us
Learn about volunteering at Covenant HealthCare here.