Foundation Scholarships

Covenant HealthCare Foundation takes great pride in offering students the opportunity to apply for scholarships to further their education.  Over the past 11 years, the Foundation has granted over $225,000 in scholarship money through the High School Scholarship program, Nursing scholarships, and the Zeile awards.  A formal presentation of the scholarships are made at the Foundation's Traditions Reception in May of each year.

High School Scholarships

2023 applications are now available for High School seniors. The deadline for submission is February 24, 2023. Eligibility requirements are included within the forms.

Covenant HealthCare Employee Dependent Application

This scholarship application is for high school seniors that are a dependent of a current Covenant HealthCare employee.

Covenant HealthCare Foundation Scholarship Application

This scholarship application is for high school seniors currently attending a Saginaw, Bay, Tuscola, Arenac, Huron, Sanilac or Midland county high school.

Nursing Scholarships

To be eligible to apply, potential applicants must be a current Covenant HealthCare employee who is enrolled in the clinical phase of instruction and intend to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in Nursing.

Nursing Scholarship Application

Applications must be postmarked by February 24, 2023.
Applications can be mailed to the Covenant HealthCare Foundation at: 
Covenant HealthCare Foundation 
Scholarship Committee 
1447 N. Harrison 
Saginaw, MI 48602-9911 

If you have any questions, please call 989.583.7603.


2020 Scholarship Award Winners

High School Scholarships

Covenant HealthCare Foundation Scholarship:

Emma Marie Beaver – Michigan State University

Erika Leasher – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Robert M. Heavenrich Health Care Scholarship:

Shaheer Noor – Central Michigan University

Seth Byrne – Western Michigan University

Covenant HealthCare Volunteer Scholarship:

Liam Pan – University of Michigan

Therese Joffre – Hope College

Covenant HealthCare Foundation Legal Dependent Scholarship:

Elianna Gustincic – Oakland University

Alyssa Vasquez – Central Michigan University

Ethan Champney – Michigan Technological University

Lauran Wells – University of Illinois at Chicago

Covenant Medical Staff Legal Dependent Scholarship:

Jenna Guza – Saginaw Valley State University


Nursing Scholarships

Covenant Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship:

Tiffany Leiter – Eastern Michigan University

Taylor Duby – Saginaw Valley State University

Nancy Butterfield Memorial Scholarship:

Amy Bingham – Saginaw Valley State University

Amita Mridha Nursing Scholarship:

Lindsey LaTarte – Eastern Michigan University

Dr. and Mrs. Firas Alani Nursing Scholarship:

Saleena Lutz – Davenport University

Lori Lee Helmkamp Memorial Scholarship:

Kristin Sheskey – Delta College