Surgical Services

Our surgeons have more advanced robotic technology in their hands.

From minimally invasive procedures to open-heart surgery, the experts at Covenant HealthCare are the leading innovators in their field. Because when it comes to something as important as surgery, we make it our mission to master the most advanced technology, providing the best surgical results. Our state-of-the-art technologies, board-certified surgeons and compassionate environment gives patients the extraordinary confidence they need. And we’re with you throughout the journey, from pre-surgery to post-surgery and beyond. It’s no wonder residents of the Great Lakes Bay Region turn to Covenant as their trusted surgical leader.

Covenant HealthCare delivers a wide-array of extraordinary surgical services:

Our surgical services employ more than 300 employees and encompass 13 departments at the Cooper and Harrison campuses, Center for the Heart and Irving locations.

Partnership for a Better Recovery
Covenant HealthCare wants to partner with you for a better recovery. If surgery is in your future, it is important to learn about the potential risks you might face and what you can do to prepare so that you have the best possible results. You have an important role in your recovery.

The Covenant Partnership for a Better Recovery program has been developed to help educate you on how you can improve your surgical outcomes. Call 989.583.7385 to attend a Partnership for a Better Recovery FREE seminar, or view our information guide.

Professional Affiliations:
AST: Association of Surgical Technologists