Pediatric Sleep Program

At the Covenant HealthCare Sleep Center, we understand that sleep is a vital component of children's health and growth. That's why we offer the Pediatric Sleep Program. Led by Dr. Christopher Allen, our entire team is devoted to helping resolve sleep disorders with the very latest in sleep technology and treatment approaches.

Addressing Sleep Issues
Forty percent of childhood is spent asleep, and anything that disrupts that sleep can result in significant impairment of mental or physical development. A recent study of 163 participants between 10 and 17 years of age found that obstructive sleep apnea is linked to both lower academic grades and behavioral concerns. In respect to academic performance alone, it is imperative that prompt diagnostic and treatment measures be implemented. View this infographic for more information on the importance of sleep for children and adolescents.

Accurate diagnosis hinges upon a critical assessment of your patient's medical and behavioral history in conjunction with parental observations and patient examination. Based upon these findings, your physician, may prescribe an overnight sleep study at the Covenant Sleep Center to gather essential data required to develop a care plan. A sleep study may be indicated if the patient exhibits:

  • Witnessed snoring or disordered breathing
  • Poor academic performance
  • Daytime hyperactivity or attention deficit
  • Delayed mental development
  • Impaired physical growth
  • Hypertension or cardiovascular problems
  • Narcolepsy

After interpreting the polysomnographic data, Dr. Allen will specify a diagnosis and recommend a patient-focused treatment plan. Age-appropriate treatment modalities can range from surgery and CPAP support to medical intervention and weight reduction programs. It is important to note that not all children require a sleep study for treatment and not all treatments require medication. The earlier parents are enabled to help their children establish good sleep habits, the easier it will be to sustain them through the teen and adult years. Dr. Allen and our entire team of sleep professionals are devoted to helping resolve sleep disorders with the very latest in sleep technology and treatment approaches. A referral to Dr. Allen will initiate a collaborative approach toward providing management and treatment of pediatric sleep disorders.

Please contact your Primary Care Provider for a referral to a Board Certified Sleep Specialist.