Know your risk and take charge of your health.

Get a high-risk cancer assessment at the Covenant Cancer Care Center.

The more you know about your risk for cancer, the more you can do to prevent it. That’s why Covenant is offering risk assessment and genetic testing services to patients who may be at higher risk for cancer.

Patients considered at high risk may have:

  • More than one family member with the same or related cancer
  • Cancer diagnosis at an earlier than average age
  • Personal history of multiple cancer diagnoses
  • Diagnosis of a rare or unusual cancer

Covenant Nurse Practitioner, Terese Cook, is a credentialed Advanced Clinical Genomics Nurse (ACGN). She specializes in evaluating patients at increased risk for developing cancer. In addition to assessing cancer risk by evaluating a patient’s medical history and providing genetic testing, she also gives patients recommendations and resources for reducing their cancer risk.

Services include:

  • Evaluation
  • Risk assessment
  • Education
  • Genetic testing
  • Care planning
  • Monitoring and follow-up

This risk assessment is one more advanced tool that Covenant offers our patients in the fight against cancer. With the knowledge gained in this process, patients and their doctors can determine a strong plan of action for cancer prevention and early detection.

Know your risk. And know where to go.

Covenant HealthCare has access to cancer protocols and treatment plans that other area hospitals don’t. We treat more cancer cases than any other hospital in the region. Should you need cancer care, count on the experts at Covenant.