What To Expect

At the Covenant HealthCare Sleep Center, you can expect the very best in state-of-the-art technology and service—from the latest in sleep monitoring equipment to the finest team of sleep technicians and physicians. 

If your personal physician orders a sleep study, you will spend one night at the Sleep Center in a clean and comfortable private room equipped with the following amenities:

  • Attractive, hotel-like furnishings
  • Personal restroom with shower
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Television and DVD

Our registered polysomnograph technologists use sophisticated, non-invasive equipment to monitor and record your sleep patterns. Tiny sensors will be placed on your head and chest to record brain waves, muscle activity, heart rhythm and breathing. A finger sensor will also monitor your oxygen level.
Physicians specially trained in neurology and pulmonary medicine will then interpret the results of your study, diagnose the problem and develop an effective treatment plan. Together, you and your physician will decide upon the best course of treatment to improve your health.