Pediatric ECC

Should your child need emergency care, you’ll be glad to know that Covenant HealthCare has the only designated and comprehensive Pediatric Emergency Care Center serving the mid and lower north Michigan region. The Pediatric Emergency Care Center, which is located within the Covenant Emergency Care Center, provides specialized emergency care for ill or injured children, augmenting the 24 hour care provided by our emergency medicine team.  All emergency medicine physicians are board-certified and/or residency trained with specialized training to handle acute illnesses and injuries in babies and children.

The needs of children are quite different than adults, requiring more individual attention and closer monitoring.  When the Covenant Emergency Care Center was being designed and built in 2000-2001, a special area was designated just for children.  Each pediatric treatment room is child-friendly and appointed with child-sized medical equipment.  What’s more, each room is uniquely designed in vibrant colors featuring familiar childhood themes incorporating paintings, art, fish tanks, Eye Spy shadow boxes and more, which fosters a more pleasant experience for ill children and their parents.  Each room also features a television which may help children feel more comfortable during a procedure or test.

Should a child need more advanced medical care, Covenant has two board-certified pediatric intensivists on staff to provide enhanced care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Covenant has affiliations to offer 24-hour air-medical helicopter transport for children who are seriously ill or injured.