Bowel/Bladder Incontinence Therapy

We support both men and women and their unique healthcare needs.  Unfortunately, many men and women go untreated because they are too embarrassed to get help or are unaware of their treatment options. We understand the sensitive nature of these conditions and it is our priority to make sure that you are comfortable. 

Our therapists at Covenant offer specialized, advanced treatments that few other facilities in Michigan make available. Even more importantly, our treatments produce high success rates.
Covenant provides therapy for the following more common diagnoses and conditions:
(This list is not all-inclusive of everything we treat)

 Urinary incontinence: 

  • Following pregnancy
  • Following hysterectomy
  • In men, following prostate surgery
  • Often in combination with pelvic muscle pain or nerve injury in both men and women
  • Gradual onset for unknown reason

Pain with urination following:

  • Trauma
  • Surgery or childbirth

Fecal incontinence:

  • Following anorectal surgery
  • Following nerve injury such as pudendal neuralgia
  • Following poor outcome from spinal surgery
  • Gradual onset for unknown reason

Pathological constipation:

  • Due to muscle spasm or pain in the anorectal area
  • Due to severe abdominal muscle weakness due to injury, C-section or other abdominal surgeries or trauma
  • Gradual onset for unknown reason

Anorectal pain:

  • Following anorectal or colorectal surgery
  • Following cancer and/or radiation
  • Following episiotomy during childbirth
  • Idiopathic (unknown reason)

These appointments are scheduled with our specially trained Licensed Physical Therapy staff members at one of our outpatient therapy locations.  We work with your physician to ensure a positive outcome for your individual condition.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 989-583-6386.