About UHC

About UHC
University Health Center, located on the southwest corner of the SVSU campus, provides walk-in primary medical care, disease prevention, health education and various specialty services to SVSU students, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community. The University Health Center is conveniently located adjacent to campus at 2970 Pierce Rd., on the corner of Bay and Pierce Roads. 

University Health Center (UHC) is a Covenant HealthCare MedExpress (urgent care center). The Center is staffed with board certified physicians, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners and specially trained nurses. The office of Kathleen Skelcy, DO, a primary care physician, is also located within the facility.

While potential users of UHC are invited to “walk-in” for treatment during hours of operation, it is possible to set up appointments in advance.

UHC Services

University Health Center provides general medical services for diagnosis and treatment. Treatments include visits and consultations with a provider (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner), treatment of illnesses and injuries, and continuity of care (such as allergy injections) as prescribed by your personal provider. When it is necessary to refer you to specialists for diagnosis and/or treatment outside University Health Center, you may be responsible for any charges.
UHC Billing Information

Fees & Payment
The basic fee for an office visit is $20, but additional charges may apply with other required procedures.* Payment can be made at the UHC at the time of service with cash, check, credit card, or the balance can be applied to the student's SVSU Cardinal Direct account. The charges can also be submitted through the student's health insurance provider. In order for students to be charged under Student Fees, they MUST present their student ID card at the time of service.

*Additional charges for lab, x-ray or special procedures may apply.

Students are strongly encouraged to have some type of health insurance coverage in the event of a health care crisis. Please present your insurance card when you visit the UHC. A copy of your card will be kept in your health record to help ensure proper billing. Many students are eligible to continue on their family health insurance plan. Consult with your insurance provider to determine if this option is available to you.

University Health Center charges will be billed to your Student Account, whether or not you have health insurance. A credit will be issued to your account when your insurance company makes payment. Outstanding University Health Center charges not paid at the time of service, will be billed to the student - whether or not they have health insurance.

Special Needs
The University Health Center is equipped to serve students with disabilities. For more information, please call 989.583.0285.

Allergy Shots
Allergy shots may also be administered at the UHC. Students who need allergy injections may receive them at the UHC by appointment and for a minimal charge. Students are required to remain in the Center for 20 minutes following their injection to assess for possible reaction. You may bring your allergy serum directly to the UHC along with instructions/guidelines from your prescribing physician. Your physician/allergist may also send allergy serum directly to the UHC with written instructions on the administration protocol. Allergy injections cannot be administered without these protocol instructions from a physician.

Compliance with your allergy injection schedule is required to enhance the de-sensitization treatment and to help you maintain optimal health, which is the ultimate goal of allergy treatment. Students are reminded that most serum needs to be kept refrigerated.

Privacy Practices