Infection Prevention

Covenant HealthCare’s Infection Prevention Team is a part of the Patient Safety & Quality Department.

Hospital Associated Infection surveillance, evaluating isolation needs of inpatients, and rounding on nursing units are just a few of the things we do regularly. We also participate in many initiatives to improve patient outcomes. One of those initiatives is the MHA Keystone CAUTI bundle. A CAUTI is a Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection. A bundle is a group of evidence based interventions known to improve patient outcomes. We have been successful in instituting the CAUTI bundle for all of our inpatient units, including the intensive care areas and rehabilitation. This was achieved thanks to Covenant HealthCare’s leadership team, as well as the direct patient care staff's commitment to quality patient care.

We are involved in many projects that give us an opportunity to collaborate with various other departments and people both in and outside of Covenant HealthCare.

To see how Covenant HealthCare compares on a number of infection prevention measures, please visit Medicare Hospital Compare.

Hand Hygiene

Healthcare providers should practice hand hygiene at key points in time to disrupt the transmission of microorganisms to patients including: before patient contact; after contact with blood, body fluids, or contaminated surfaces (even if gloves are worn); before invasive procedures; and after removing gloves (wearing gloves is not enough to prevent the transmission of pathogens in healthcare settings). Patients and their loved ones can play a role in helping to prevent infections by practicing hand hygiene themselves as well as asking or reminding their healthcare providers to perform hand hygiene. For more information, see the CDC's hand hygiene page.


Quality Metrics

Catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI)

Central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI)

C. Difficile Infections

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