Sail Through Summer Injury Free

Longer days and hotter, more humid weather send most of us outside for our favorite summer activities. Staying safe, especially in the heat and around water, has a lot to do with being and alert and prepared, says Covenant Injury Prevention Specialist Laura Walker, RN, MSN, EMT, CFRN. “It’s all about balance,” she says. “Have fun, but be safe so the fun isn’t interrupted.”  

Walker’s top tips for a safe, injury-free summer include: 

Hot weather
Stay hydrated – 12 cups a day for women, 15 cups for men
Avoid sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks
Be aware of who you’re riding with in a car – don’t leave people or pets behind when you get out
Around water
Never leave children unattended around water -- keep little ones within arm’s length
No cell phone distractions
Use US Coast Guard approved life jackets – NOT water wings
Have a secure fence and gate around home swimming pools to eliminate the chance of someone falling in accidentally
Swim with a partner
Invest in swimming lessons for the whole family
Wear sun block

On the water
If canoeing or kayaking, wear a life jacket, know where you’re going, and tell someone when you expect to return
If boating, be sure to have required floatation devices onboard and encourage non-swimmers to wear a life jacket
If lazy tubing down a river, avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks, stay hydrated with water
Wear sun block 

Wear a helmet and bright colors 
Ride single file WITH traffic on the side of the road (walkers go against traffic)
Obey traffic laws
Be mindful of cars coming in both directions and know some may be pulling trailers or boats behind them

Posted Date: 7/5/2021

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