9 Gestures of Kindness for Cancer Patients During Treatment

Hearing the words “you have cancer” can turn a person’s life upside down. While the road to recovery is oftentimes filled with long days and intensive treatment, sometimes a small gesture can make all the difference. When a friend, family member or loved one is undergoing cancer treatment, turn to these meaningful acts of kindness to brighten his or her day.

  1. Dropping off a healthy meal / organizing a meal calendar
    Whether a patient is at home or in the hospital, single or part of a family, organizing a calendar for nutritious meal drop-offs is an immense gesture of kindness. Just make sure to check in with the individual or family for diet restrictions before you start planning.

  2. Running errands for the patient
    Does your loved one have a dog that needs to be taken to the vet for a checkup? Or maybe a longstanding obligation to drop food off at the local soup kitchen? Take the stress of the outside world off a patient by running simple errands for them.

  3. Sending a positive card or funny text message
    It doesn’t have to be long or particularly profound; sometimes a funny greeting card or short, hopeful quote could be just the thing to turn a patient’s day around.

  4. Driving your loved one to and from treatment
    Cancer treatment can be mentally and physically exhausting, but accompanying a patient to and from treatment can make it seem more manageable. Spend quality time talking on the car ride or turn on some upbeat music to brighten the day.

  5. Giving patient a soft, knitted hat or afghan
    Blankets and hats are thoughtful gifts to keep patients warm during cancer treatment. When days get tough, wrapping oneself up in a gift from someone who cares can warm a person’s spirits from the inside out.

  6. Taking your loved one’s children to the movies / dropping them off at practice
    When a parent is in the hospital for cancer treatment or not feeling well enough to leave the house, taking the patient’s children to sports practice, the movies or out for a fun activity can be meaningful to the whole family.

  7. Doing home maintenance
    Are the leaves falling or dishes piling up in the sink? When a patient doesn’t have energy to perform home maintenance projects on their own, volunteer to lend a hand.

  8. Keeping patient supplied with books, movies, magazines, etc.
    While your loved one might not want to read a book or watch a movie right when you bring it, keep them supplied with ample entertainment for when they do.

  9. Visiting / simply being there
    Maybe more important than anything, being there for a loved one during his or her time of need can be the most impactful act of kindness. Grand gestures and large gifts have their place, but the knowledge that patients have a support system during treatment can mean the most of all.

At Covenant HealthCare, we make it our mission to make every day a little brighter for our patients and their families. Learn more about our extraordinary cancer care today.

Posted Date: 9/19/2016

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