5 Reasons VNA Care is So Extraordinary

Home. It’s a word that often elicits a sense of joy and peace. After a long day of work or time away on vacation, coming home can be a comforting experience. And when illness strikes or a loved one has to undergo treatment or surgery, being able to recover in one’s own home can be equally comforting. Thanks to advancements in technology and enhanced training for healthcare professionals, home health care is becoming a more and more viable option for patients.

But how do you go about choosing a quality home health provider? On your hunt to finding superior at-home care, start by looking to a VNA. When you’re working with a Visiting Nurse Association like that of Covenant HealthCare, you can be sure you’re receiving more than just at-home care. Having the stamp of approval from the Visiting Nurse Associations of America, a longstanding national trade association, means you’ve selected a trustworthy care provider that meets quality credentials only VNA-branded facilities receive.

There are countless benefits associated with the VNA accreditation. See why you should choose extraordinary VNA care on your next journey to recovery:

  1. Inspiring mission
    The mission of VNAA is to advance quality, value and innovation in home-based care. Guided by this charitable mission, nonprofit VNAs care for nearly 4 million people annually, offering quality of life and independence to all Americans through comprehensive home health care.
  2. Commitment to community
    VNAs have a rich history. The organizations date back to the 1880s when free nursing care was provided to the sick and poor who didn’t have access to health care. VNAs are governed by voluntary boards of directors, ensuring that the VNA addresses specific healthcare needs of the community.
  3. Advanced technology
    To meet demands, VNAs’ expertly trained staff uses the latest technology to deliver comprehensive quality care. This technology enables superior at-home assistance for a variety of patients and a variety of conditions.
  4. Personalized service
    VNAs provide quality, personalized home health care for patients of all ages. They are also educators of disease prevention and health promotion. Before starting and throughout their service, VNA staff collaborates with doctors and other healthcare professionals to determine the most effective route of treatment for a patient’s specific needs.
  5. Insurance Coverage
    Medicare, Medicaid, most third party payers and tax-deductible charitable contributions reimburse VNA services.

The next time you’re looking for expert home care that feels a little more like home, turn to a VNA. While there are thousands of home health agencies out there, not all of them have the rich VNA mission, history and expertise to nurse you back to health.

Learn more about Covenant’s extraordinary VNA services.

Posted Date: 12/23/2016

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Sunday, August 23, 2020 by Lori Milroy
My mother-in-law recently had services from VNA and EVERYONE, from the people who answered the phone to the OT, PTs, Nurses and Aide as well as those at 500 Hamilton who helped repair walkers twice, was absolutely wonderful. They were knowledgable, came on time, called beforehand and let us with helpful information.

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