4 Reasons to Choose a Hospital-Affiliated Home Health Provider

There’s no place like home—especially when you’re recovering from surgery or need long-term care. But you don’t want to unnecessarily risk your health and well-being for the luxury of your bed. That’s why more people are choosing hospital-affiliated home health providers like Covenant Visiting Nurse Association (VNA). For many patients, Covenant VNA is the difference between a house call and a hospital room.

As the first home healthcare agency in the Great Lakes Bay Region, Covenant VNA is backed by the support and resources of Covenant HealthCare, offering a home health experience that exceeds standard home care agencies.

If you’re considering home healthcare services, here are four reasons why a hospital-affiliated home health provider like Covenant VNA should be on the top of your list.

  1. Patients benefit from the continuity of care delivered at hospital-affiliated home health providers. Numerous studies have shown that continuous care increases patient satisfaction, and improves the overall patient experience.

    Continuity of care is important because patients who receive care at the hospital continue to be overseen by the same medical staff when they transfer into the hospital-affiliated home health provider program. This helps ensure a smooth and seamless transition from hospital to home care. The hospital staff collaborates with home health nurses, sharing patient history and treatment. They even have access to the same electronic medical records. This translates into greater efficiencies and fewer mistakes. This is why continuity of care at each hospital stay, doctor’s appointment or home health visit results in better overall patient care.

  2. Our hospital-affiliated home health provider staff knows Covenant HealthCare. Covenant VNA nurses and aides are experienced with Covenant HealthCare. They are deeply familiar with the depth of medical expertise at the hospital, and know how to access the specialists, services and technology needed to take care of you. This is a unique benefit of working with a hospital-affiliated home health provider. This knowledge and experience can help save critical time and energy searching for medical solutions. This means more time can be devoted to patient care and recovery.

  3. Our hospital and hospital-affiliated home health staff work together, under one healthcare organization, Covenant HealthCare. The hospital and home health provider teams work for the same hospital. Because we work together regularly, our medical and home provider teams have built solid relationships. We communicate frequently, building and implementing patient treatment plans, and share information to deliver the best care possible.

  4. Experience matters, especially when it comes to your health. Covenant HealthCare has more than 125 years of experience. The VNA has been caring for patients for over 75 years. Together they represent one of the largest, most comprehensive, most experienced health providers in the Great Lakes Bay Region. That means you will receive care from the best nurses, therapists, home health aides, social workers, counselors and dieticians. It means our staff has access to training and the most technologically advanced equipment that other home health and private duty agencies can’t match. It means that the nurses who come to your home are held to the highest standards in the industry. And it means that when Covenant VNA comes to your door, the nurses bring with them a combined two centuries worth of experience and the strength of Covenant HealthCare.

Selecting a home healthcare provider should be done with great care. You should ask lots of questions, like these. Find out if Covenant VNA is right for you. Contact us today.

Posted Date: 3/31/2016

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