Covenant HealthCare offers a wide array of resources for physicians and other health care professionals. Whether you are a current employee, seeking career opportunities or looking for the latest news and journals on health care, this section is designed to help you find the answers to your questions.

Covenant uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help protect information. If you use a mobile device to access Covenant email while off campus, you will need to set up MFA.  Please login and use the set up instructions to get started.

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Multi-Factor Authentication is required for the following:

Commonly Used Sites / Resources

Managing the Mandatories

Managing the Mandatories: March 2023
Managing the Mandatories: April 2023
Managing the Mandatories: May 2023
Managing the Mandatories: June 2023
Managing the Mandatories: July 2023
Managing the Mandatories: August 2023
Managing the Mandatories: September 2023
Managing the Mandatories: October 2023
Managing the Mandatories: November 2023
Managing the Mandatories: December 2022

Medical Records (Health Information Management)

Please contact Medical Records (Health Information Management) at 989.583.6072 to provide notification of absences (vacation, etc.) to keep records current.

Career Opportunities

Password Policy

In addition to meeting the requirements below, your password will be rejected if it is on a known breached password list.  A successful password will be a passphrase containing multiple words.  Do not include your id, name, season or the word Covenant in your password.  Those will be rejected also.

Your network password must meet these requirements:

  • Minimum of 8 Characters
  • Cannot contain all or parts of the User ID or user's full name
  • Must contain 3 of the following 4 attributes
    • Upper Case Letter
    • Lower Case Letter
    • Number
    • Symbol

To manage your password, please visit and enroll with your current password. If needed, you can unlock your account, change your password or reset your password by having a code sent via text to your mobile device.  If you have any questions, please contact the IT service desk at 989.583.6014.