Covenant HealthCare Specialists First in the Region to Perform New Targeted Therapy for Brain Tumors

Neurosurgeon Frank Schinco, MD, FACS, and Radiation Oncologist Mark Zaki, MD, successfully performed the region’s first GammaTile® Therapy procedure at Covenant HealthCareone of only two Michigan hospitals offering the service at this time. Surgeon using GammaTile during surgery

GammaTile Therapy is a new approach for treating aggressive, operable brain tumors such as recurrent brain metastases or glioblastomas. In late February, Dr. Schinco and Dr. Zaki implanted multiple collagen tiles, each the size of a postage stamp, at the operative site where a brain tumor was removed. Once placed, the GammaTiles immediately began delivering a uniform dose of radiation in the cavity area where the tumor is most likely to regrow. Over time and after the radiation is delivered, the tiles will be naturally absorbed by the patient’s body.

“At Covenant HealthCare, we are constantly working to enhance the lives of the patients under our care,” says Dr. Schinco. “With GammaTile Therapy, treatment occurs at the time of surgery. Then, the tiles do their job while patients go about their day-to-day lives rather than undergoing dozens of post-operative treatments of radiation and chemotherapy over a period of several weeks.”

He adds that insertion of GammaTiles does not significantly increase the length of surgery nor increase the risk. Post operative care is not significantly affected either.

“GammaTile Therapy is precisely targeted, providing a sufficient dose of radiation to the tumor site while limiting the dose to surrounding normal brain tissue,” explains Dr. Zaki. “This is particularly helpful for patients who have already received external beam radiation. Studies have shown that this treatment is safe, convenient and well tolerated by patients. We are excited to offer it to patients at Covenant HealthCare.”

GammaTile is FDA-cleared for patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors and recurrent brain tumors, including gliomas, glioblastomas, meningiomas, and brain metastases. It can typically be implanted in the last five minutes of brain tumor removal surgery.

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