Current Pharmacy Residents

2023-24 Residents

Jai Layton Pharmacy Resident

Jai Layton, PharmD


College of Pharmacy: South University

Clinical Interests: Mental Health and Psychiatric Care, Infectious Disease, Ambulatory Care, and Internal Medicine

Why did I choose Covenant HealthCare
Covenant Healthcare’s PGY-1 pharmacy residency piqued my interest due to the ability to train in a variety of settings and the location of the residency program. The opportunity to train in various settings excites me because being exposed to patients with various disease states will ensure that I am a well-rounded clinical pharmacist. Lastly, location is a contributing factor that drew me to this program because I am a Saginaw native. The opportunity to contribute and make a positive impact in my community, which I proudly call home, I know will bring me immense happiness and fulfillment. Now that I am at Covenant, I am thankful that I chose this program. The pharmacy staff has been very helpful in making the transition from pharmacy student to pharmacist. I am looking forward to all that this year has in store.

Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Outside of pharmacy I enjoy:
Spending time with family, traveling, trying new foods, watching true crime shows, and exercising.

Shayna Schneider Pharmacy Resident

Shayna Schneider, PharmD


College of Pharmacy: Ferris State University

Clinical Interests: Critical Care, Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pediatrics

Why did I choose Covenant HealthCare
It was clear to me that the preceptors for the PGY-1 residency program at Covenant are very passionate about their pharmacy practice and the development of their residents. During my time here, the staff has been extremely welcoming and has created an engaging learning environment. The flexibility and wide variety of rotations in the program allows residents to explore many areas of interest. I am grateful to be a part of this team at Covenant as I continue to expand my clinical knowledge.

Hometown: Frankenmuth, MI

Outside of pharmacy I enjoy:
Golfing, being on a lake Up North, wakeboarding, skiing (snow and water), reading books, watching movies, drawing, and spending time with friends and family.

Josh Yaklin Pharmacy Resident

Josh Yaklin, PharmD


College of Pharmacy:Ferris State University

Clinical Interests: Critical Care, Infectious Disease, Oncology

Why did I choose Covenant HealthCare
I originally started at Covenant as a pharmacy technician on 2nd shift and moved to an intern when I started pharmacy school. During that time, I was able to see the skill and passion of the pharmacists that work here firsthand and the numerous opportunities here. The program is flexible and allows the residents to tailor their rotations to their areas of interest. Additionally, pharmacists at Covenant have a vast array of opportunities to be involved in clinical duties and push the field forward.

Hometown: Omer, MI

Outside of pharmacy I enjoy:
Music (especially anything with good guitarwork as I have played for over 15 years), video games, cooking, and spending time with family, friends, and my dog Zoloft.