Clinical Training

To request Epic education for a college or university, the eCovenant team requires information to ensure complete build for user ID’s and scheduling of classes in a timely manner.

The contact responsible for the students will need to provide the following:

  • Name of University and Instructor (i.e. XYZ University Nursing Student training – Instructor: John Doe)
  • Contact information for requester: Email and phone number
  • Start date for clinical rotation
  • Date(s)/times requesting training
  • Number of Students
  • A spreadsheet with a list of each student attending class including their Last Name, First Name, & DOB.
    Please make sure spelling of names is accurate!

Once you have all of the information gathered you will submit a ticket online to request Epic training.

Click Here to enter a Team Dynamix ticket for Epic Training

Include the required information in the ticket and include the student spreadsheet using the Attachments option when opening your ticket.

Once the ticket has been created, you will receive updates to the ticket and notifications if further information is needed from email, "“. Please do not delete this email. You may respond and update the ticket by simply clicking Reply. Your email will be posted in the ticket.

Please note: If class rosters & clinical start dates are not provided to the training team 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class; that class may be canceled & rescheduled. Class may be held but, password & accounts cannot be guaranteed ready for class or clinical start date. Instructors will then be responsible for resetting the temporary passwords during the clinical time. This decision will be up to the discretion of the training team.