Vendor Community:

In effort to protect Covenant Patients and Covenant Staff amid the COVID-19 outbreak, vendor representatives will only be allowed on Covenant property by appointment to conduct essential business. Upon entrance, vendor representatives must be screened at visitor entrances and follow implemented hand hygiene protocols. Non-essential business dealings will be done virtually until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding,

Supply Chain Management

To aid in our mission of providing extraordinary care to every generation, Covenant HealthCare engages with a variety of vendors. For your convenience, our vendor policies and resources are available here.

Vendor/Contractor Responsibility Policy
All vendors and contractors must comply with the contents within our Vendor Responsibility Policy.

Vendor/Contractor Flu Policy
All vendors and contractors must comply with Covenant HealthCare's Flu Policy.

For detailed instructions on how to meet flu policy requirements, please see our letter to vendors regarding the flu policy.

Business Associate Agreement
All companies conducting business with Covenant HealthCare should complete a Business Associate Agreement. Completed documents may be faxed to (989) 583-4633 or emailed to

Vendormate Registration
All companies conducting business with Covenant HealthCare must be a member of Vendormate. Visit the Vendormate website to contact them directly.

Michigan Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption
Please find Covenant HealthCare's Michigan Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption here.

Clinical Quality Product Value Analysis (CQPVA)
Information on the CQPVA policy can be found in this letter to vendors. If you have any questions, please email

To contact Supply Chain Management, please email

Item Build Worksheet
To ensure timely accounting for items that may potentially be used in a procedure, all previously approved items that are being brought into Covenant Healthcare will be itemized on the spreadsheet below. This shall be completed at least five (5) days prior to the procedure and sent to

Vendor Corporate Compliance Program Information
All vendors and contractors are required to comply with Covenant HealthCare’s Corporate Compliance Program. Our Code of Conduct describes this program and our commitment to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. In addition to our Code of Conduct, Covenant has implemented important policies related to the detection and prevention of fraud, waste and abuse in both state and federal healthcare programs.

Please review our letter to vendors and contractors.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Corporate Compliance Program you may contact Covenant HealthCare’s Chief Compliance Officer, Andrea Merritt, at (800) 421-4776.