Financial Assistance

Below is a summary to Covenant HealthCare's Financial Assistance Policy. A link to the full version can be found at the bottom of the page, along with copies of pertinent financial assistance documents in Spanish, Polish, German, and French. If you have questions or need to contact Financial Counseling, call 989.583.2959 or 989.583.6024. You can also email You can also download a copy of Covenant's Financial Assistance Application here.

Covenant Medical Center Financial Assistance Program Summary

Covenant HealthCare is committed to providing extraordinary care regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Programs are in place to support people who cannot pay their bills from Covenant and may qualify under our Financial Assistance Eligibility Policy.

The Financial Assistance program is available for bills from Covenant HealthCare facilities, MedExpress, and Covenant physician offices. A complete list of Covenant locations can be found on our website at with a list of Covenant Medical Group physicians online at

Who Can Apply

A request for Financial Assistance may be made by the patient, family member, close friend, or associate of the patient. Requests can be made prior to, during, or after service is received. Applicants may have no insurance or may have insurance yet unable to afford their medical bills.

People who are uninsured or underinsured may qualify for governmental health insurance programs, financial assistance programs, or the Covenant financial assistance program. Covenant Financial Assistance Counselors can help, and can be contacted at 989.583.2959 or via email at

For information on which providers are covered by the Covenant HealthCare Financial Assistance Policy, please see Appendices B and C.

How to Apply for Covenant Financial Assistance

People may apply in person at one of the below locations Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm:

  • Covenant HealthCare
    1447 N. Harrison
    Saginaw, MI 48602
  • Covenant HealthCare
    5400 Mackinaw
    Saginaw, MI 48604
  • Covenant HealthCare
    700 Cooper Ave.
    Saginaw, MI 48602

For more information and/or help call: (989) 583-2959 or (989) 583-6024

Free copies of the policy and application are available:

Application Process

  • Covenant Financial Counselors are available to assist filling out the Financial Assistance application.
  • Applications must be completed in full and be accompanied by all required supporting documentation.
  • Applications and supporting documentation should be mailed to:
    Covenant HealthCare
    Attn: CBO
    1447 N Harrison
    Saginaw, MI 48602
  • Incomplete applications will remain unprocessed and will be rejected if supporting documentation is not received within 14 days of submission.
  • Requests for assistance will be processed promptly and Covenant will notify the patient/applicant of a decision in writing within 30 days from receipt.

See the full financial assistance policy here.

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