Patient Centered Medical Home

A medical home is a trusting partnership between patients and their health care team. A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) strives to provide patients with the best quality healthcare that coordinates all their medical needs. This involves an ongoing personal relationship with a primary care provider, who leads the health care team in providing and arranging needed services.

To be recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home, a physician or practice must undergo a designation process through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. During this process, the physician or practice must demonstrate that they are implementing PCMH initiatives, such as coordinated and preventative care, linkage to community services, extended access, performance reporting, and more. Several of Covenant Medical Group's practices are recognized as Patient Centered Medical Homes. 

To learn more about what it means to be designated as a Patient Centered Medical Home, please visit Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Patient's Role
In a Patient Centered Medical Home, patients are asked to actively participate in their health care by asking questions, being honest, and providing accurate information regarding their health history, symptoms, or any changes in their well-being. Unless patients have a medical emergency, they are encouraged to phone their doctor first with health problems or concerns. If medical or community services are performed outside of the PCMH office, patients should request all information to be sent to the office.