Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Covenant Medical Group (CMG) is an integrated, multi-specialty practice committed to high-quality, efficient, compassionate, comprehensive care and to providing a medical home for the patients it serves.

CMG is a physician-driven and patient-focused organization built upon physician-partners' commitment to set the standard for excellence in healthcare delivery, community stewardship and professional fulfillment.

Our Vision
Covenant Medical Group is the regional leader in delivering high-quality, compassionate medical care and will provide a practice culture which supports the professional personal growth of our associated partners.

The CMG Covenant Living Code of Conduct
As members of the Covenant Medical Group:

  • We believe that the patient is our first partner. We will actively engage patients in their care experience.
  • We believe that the needs of the patient come first. We will not let process impede the delivery of seamless continuum of care.
  • We believe that communication is the key to professionalism and quality care. We conduct ourselves in a collegial and respectful manner in all of our interactions with patients, partners and staff. We will adhere to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct.
  • We believe that excellence in patient experience is achievable only through efforts of the entire care team – we remain loyal and steadfast in our team work.
  • We believe that high quality medical care is an art grounded in the practice of evidence based medicine. We strive to be current and innovative in our specialty field and utilize evidence based protocols in our delivery of care.
  • We believe that citizenship is the cornerstone of our group culture. We remain responsible to all group policy, procedure and compliance expectations and to participate in and support organizational change.
  • We understand the viability of our mission is dependent upon the economic health of our individual practices, group and health system. We hold ourselves accountable for financial performance.