The Power of Sleep

Each night, if you’re lucky, you take part in one of the great mysteries of biology called sleep. Sleep is a natural state of rest for both the mind and body – and, is essential for you to feel and be your best.

In 1879, before the light bulb was invented, we were sleeping more than ten hours each night. Today, we are sleeping less than 6.5 hours per night, quickly turning into a nation suffering from chronic sleep problems. Why do we know so little about an activity that we should be spending eight hours participating in every night? Now is the time to get a better night’s sleep!

In this enlightening presentation, you will learn:

  • Where our sleep has gone
  • Why we don't respect sleep
  • Rhythm of sleep – finding your rhythm
  • How much sleep is necessary
  • When to sleep
  • Top 10 tips to sleep better