Rob's Story

Lost 95 pounds

“Do something about it now before you get any older” are the words which rang in my head for a number of months after a conversation with a close relative of mine that I respect and admire greatly. Diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and obesity were conditions I suffered from and were results of genetics and of me neglecting my own body.  “Do something about it now…” ultimately caused me to have a conversation with my family doctor and the game plan was drafted. I needed to have a plan which was achievable and sustainable in addressing all these conditions. For me, this course of action included a roux-en-y gastric bypass and lifestyle changes.  The price of doing nothing was too high for me.

 Leading up to the surgery I was often told “I know so and so who had that surgery and they gained all the weight back” – the surgery itself isn’t a magic bullet as it takes discipline and healthy habits to sustain the gains. The few times I dug further into the specifics of “so and so,” I found no healthy habits, a different “weight loss” surgery procedure altogether, and the individuals they chose to hang with didn’t want them to succeed. I have been blessed with a large number of individuals I consider to be in my corner and they have been cheering me on along the way! I now exercise and run on a regular basis, use the stairs at work instead of the elevator, eat healthier and enjoy a life many, many pounds lighter. All the medications associated with my (pre-surgery) conditions are gone and replaced with a daily “Flintstone Chewable Vitamin” (my favorite as a kid).    

 “Would I do it all again?” is often a question asked of me and the answer is absolutely “Yes!” Not only have I benefited from this life-changing surgery and lifestyle changes, but my immediate family has as well. No longer does soda pop reside in our home, and the days of our dinner table being garnished with literally pounds and pounds of overeating opportunities went out the door.

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