Pediatric Sedation

At Covenant HealthCare, we can help facilitate diagnostic studies and procedures for children through our Pediatric Sedation Service. This service is managed by an extraordinary team of pediatric intensivists and a dedicated pediatric sedation nurse. In addition to minimizing pain and anxiety for the child, this service uses less radiation with fewer interrupted studies to ensure better image quality. So you can be confident in the care your child is receiving.

Our Pediatric Sedation Service accepts appointments for diagnostic imaging studies such as MRI, CT, EEG, and Cardiac ECHO. We also provide services for painful procedures such as PICC line placement, difficult lab draws, lumbar punctures, voiding cystourethrograms, and other procedures that do not require operative anesthesia.

To schedule a diagnostic study or procedure with sedation, please have your physician’s office call us at 989.583.6278.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Covenant HealthCare Pediatric Sedation Service, please call us at 989.583.5433.