Melody's Story

Lost 117 pounds
Before: 250 pounds; Now: 133 pounds

Having had children, a hysterectomy, and then when my thyroid stopped functioning properly I weighed in at 250 pounds. I couldn’t exercise for very long and had a hard time playing with my grandson due to limited movement. I just couldn’t keep up. I also couldn’t walk up a flight of steps without being exhausted. I was also embarrassed about the way I looked so I tried to hide myself in my clothes.  

I tried a number of diets including Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and many others. None of them had any long-term effect on helping me to lose weight. Finally after five years of struggling to lose weight, my doctor suggested surgery. At that point I had nothing to lose. I was obese (this is still hard to say), I had high cholesterol and I was on a breathing machine for my Sleep Apnea.

I chose to have the gastric sleeve procedure, and I was amazed at how fast the weight came off. I have relearned how to eat (Thank you Rebecca, the dietician at Dr. Ringley’s office). “You do not have to gorge yourself with food to survive” is one phrase I remember hearing her say. I now go running on my lunch. If I can’t get outside then I run the stairs in the building I work in. I also go bicycling with my boys and I love Taebo.

I have lost 117 pounds, I no longer have Sleep Apnea (so I no longer need a breathing machine) and I no longer have high cholesterol. I can play with my grandson and I don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with him because I can.

Thank you Dr. Ringley for giving me my life back; without you and this surgery I would not be able to be the person I am today. Sincerely and many thanks.

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