Massage Therapy

Anyone can feel the need for a massage at some point in time. Whether your job consists of intense physical labor, you’re a competitive athlete, a home gardener or a mother who is constantly running around with her children, massage therapy can provide you with the relief you want – and need. Today, the healing touch of massage in all its forms is at the forefront of alternative and complementary therapies and provides relief to many individuals. At Covenant HealthCare, we provide women with the extraordinary care they need through massage therapy.

Expectant mothers can especially benefit from massage therapy:

  • Alleviates muscle spasms
  • Calms an active baby
  • Enhances muscle tone, flexibility and circulation
  • Improves posture and muscular tone
  • Increases a newborns weigh gain and overall health and development
  • Prepares pelvic muscles for the birth process
  • Relieves stress and physical fatigue
  • Relieves fatigue, headaches, backaches and morning sickness

Massage therapy is not limited to pregnant women. Other women can also enjoy the extraordinary benefits of massage therapy. Women who are planning to have a surgical procedure can benefit from the massage as it promotes relaxation before surgery and decreases the need for pain medication following the procedure. Mature women find that massage therapy improves their balance and flexibility. It can also reduce arthritis pain and relieve stress and physical tension.

Covenant HealthCare offers massage therapy through our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department located at 4 of our Covenant locations:

Bay City
2919 East Wilder Road, across from Meijer
Tel: 989.671.5740

600 Irving Avenue

5400 Mackinaw
Tel: 989.583.5140

600 North Main Street
Tel: 989.652.1300

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 989.583.6386.