Kim's Story

Lost 160 pounds and still losing

I noticed I had a weight problem when I was in second grade. The teasing had started, as I was heavier than any of my classmates, including a comment that I remember to this day – being called “Mrs. Claus.” My weight continued to increase year after year, and when I finally hit 300 lbs during my freshman year of college, I knew I needed to do something about it. Of course, losing weight was easier said than done – I let myself get up to my highest weight in 2012. I had tried a handful of different diets, all without great success; any weight I had lost ended up finding its way back on, plus some. I scared myself to death by watching TLC’s show “My 600lb Life,” thinking that if I don’t get control of my weight now I may end up like one of those patients someday. I refused to let that happen to me, so I decided to look into bariatric surgery and attended one of the free information sessions at Covenant HealthCare. I was determined to put an end to my lifelong battle of obesity and try to prevent my increased risk of being diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease (as both ran heavily in my family). I was approved and scheduled for the vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure within a quick four months after consulting with Dr. Ringley.

I had lost almost 100 lbs within six months after surgery, 160 lbs to date and still losing. I am extremely happy and proud of how far I have come throughout my journey. This procedure is only a tool and a difficult but rewarding lifestyle change, and I would do it all over again if I had to. I hope to one day be a physician assistant and help others follow a healthy lifestyle, with or without a similar procedure, to prevent the future of obesity.