Industrial Medicine

At Covenant HealthCare, our goal is to see functional restoration in our patients and give them the ability to return to work. That’s why we provide you with industrial medicine rehabilitation, which includes evaluation, prevention and treatment of work-related injuries by our specially trained Occupational Therapists. So every patient can restore their health and return to work with minimized risk and optimal work capability.

Here is why our industrial medicine rehabilitation program is extraordinary:

  • Designed to improve the injured worker's biomechanical, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and psycho-social functions
  • Therapists help injured workers return to their jobs quickly and safely
  • Therapists address physical barriers, early return to work and job modifications
  • Treatment is specific to the individual and the demands of their job
  • Uses real and simulated work activities to restore injuries

Occupational therapy helps workers of all ages who have physical limitations or restrictions, such as:

  • Individuals seeking to re-enter the job market and requiring assistance in overcoming physical and behavioral barriers
  • Limitations requiring medications and/or reasonable accommodation to return to the
  • Physical or behavioral tolerances that do not allow return to former position at full-time performance
  • Same job class or industry
  • The need to document individuals' physical capabilities to perform specific job demands

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