Emmi Patient Education

What is Emmi?
Covenant HealthCare is proud to provide Emmi®, a series of free, online programs that walk you through important information about a health topic, condition or procedure. We offer these educational programs to help ensure extraordinary care all through your journey to good health. It’s part of our patient centric mission to give the very best care to our community.

Learn More About Your Health
Emmi® uses plain language to make complex medical information easier to understand. These programs help to answer questions and make you feel more at ease. Each program takes about 20 minutes to watch, and you can share them with your family and friends. You are the most important member of your health care team, so you should have all the information you need.

You can access Emmi® through your computer, tablet or smartphone, and print notes and articles. Once you’ve signed up, you can access this education at any time.

What Does Emmi Look Like?
See for yourself what Emmi program are like – Watch a sample program about the importance of getting a flu vaccination by visiting http://ow.ly/k7Ksu