Dennis's Story

Lost 103 pounds
Before: 345 pounds; Now: 242 pounds

It was tough to be heavy. Before I retired, I was a police officer working in public relations. When I’d talk at schools, kids would ask me why I was so fat. I couldn’t fully participate at family events. I remember watching my grandkids kick around the soccer ball with their other grandfather and how it felt to know it was something I couldn’t do.

I’d been a good sized person when I was young, but really started putting on weight after high school. I’d think, ‘I’ll lose it when I’m 30, when I’m 40, when I’m 50.’ I tried the Atkins diet, cabbage soup diet and once lost 50 lbs. through Weight Watchers, but gained it back and then some. I’d have short-term success, but long-term disappointment.

My health was suffering and I was in a deep depression. I was on pain pills and heart medication. My family doctor would tell me I needed to get my weight down. I knew I couldn’t do it myself. He referred me to the Covenant Bariatric Health Center team.

My wife and I went to Covenant’s free seminar. Afterwards, she and I talked and I made the decision to go through with the LAGB surgery.

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