Darwin's Success with Bariatric Surgery

Darwin's Before and After Bariatric Surgery Photo

I have always been overweight. Even back in elementary school, I wore a size “12 husky” pants. My family has struggled with health issues as well. My dad passed in 2006 and had suffered a stroke along with heart and diabetes complications. My mom also struggled with heart and diabetes complications and became a double amputee. She passed in 2014.

Since my mom’s passing, I’ve been dealing with depression and finding comfort in food. My highest documented weight was 325lbs and I was diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, sleep apnea and more. I asked my family doctor what I should do to get my health under control – I knew I didn’t want to suffer like my parents. I asked her to refer me for bariatric surgery and I attended the informational seminar and started my journey.

Dr. Ringley was my surgeon and I really loved working with him. I worked with the dietitian and learned about the changes I’d need to make to my daily routine after my procedure. I started implementing these changes immediately. My surgery was 3/9/17 and I was then 39 years old.   It has been 4.5 years and I’m happy to say I have more energy, I was off all medication within 3 months of my surgery and my last A1C was 4.7.  I currently fluctuate between 164.5 - 168.5 pounds. I’m very conscious of my weight but I don’t weigh-in every day. I refuse to allow myself to see 170 again.

My advice is to make this LIFESTYLE change sooner than later. Make sure you’re ready for change.