Back/Spine Rehabilitation

The goals of our back/spine rehabilitation program are to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles that support the spine in daily function. This helps to relieve and prevent further back and neck discomfort. Our highly trained therapists instruct patients on general body mechanics, stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises specifically targeted at the back/spine problem area. Patients are also educated on correct posture, basic anatomy and physiology. So you don’t just experience extraordinary healing, but are equipped for prevention also.

We provide you with extraordinary licensed physical therapists who:

  • Specialize in spine rehabilitation
  • Experts in manual and aquatic therapies
  • Have advanced training in spinal mobilization and stabilization techniques
  • Implement a functional exercise approach and dynamic treatments to relieve neck and back pain symptoms
  • Offer individual attention to patients to pinpoint the source of back/spine pain to determine if there are any joint limitations or muscle weakness

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 989-583-6386.