Amy's Story

Lost 120 pounds

My "Before" picture was taken six months before my weight loss surgery when was trying to find a dress to wear to my niece’s wedding. I never wore dresses; they just did not look good on me. I ended up wearing old dress pants from my closet to the wedding.

The reason I pursued weight loss surgery was not just to lose weight. It was to save my life. I had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and about two years ago it was out of control. I was overweight and very, very sick. I lived in denial about my diabetes and I did not want to deal with it, that is, until I started having panic attacks and severe anxiety. I finally faced the fact that my body could not continue living the way I had been, and I had to do something or I would die. That’s when I happened to hear about “the most underutilized surgery for diabetics.” Weight loss surgery. I spent about a year researching it before I asked my family doctor if he thought surgery would help me. He did.

Before I had my surgery, my A1C was a whopping 12.2, with my average sugar readings very close to 300 and that was with insulin injections. After my Roux-en-Y (gastric bypass) on April 30, 2013, I literally left the hospital with NO insulin. As the months went on, my A1C dropped to 10.8, then 8.1, and most recently, 5.7. My doctor happily tells me that I no longer have diabetes. It truly is a miracle. The loss of 120 pounds was a bonus and has also changed my life. However, knowing I am no longer diabetic and don’t have to worry about going blind, having my feet go numb or worse, I can live my life from a whole new perspective. God is working through Dr. Ringley and I am so thankful for him.

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