Amanda's Story

Lost 110 pounds

My name is Amanda and my decision to have weight loss surgery was the scariest, most important decision I have ever made in my life. At 255 pounds, I was depressed and sleeping my day away. I had anxiety and was in constant worry. I cured my problems/feelings with food. I had tried many different fad diets, medical diets, and different pills to try and get rid of the weight. All it did was make me feel hopeless. After talking with my doctor, he suggested I attend a seminar for the bariatric surgery. I was totally against this, as I had watched someone close to me have complications with their surgery. I ended up going to the seminar despite my hesitation. As it turned out, I was supposed to go. I ended up talking with the surgeon and with the nurses. They explained the surgery and all my options. After speaking with them, I decided the sleeve gastrectomy was the best option for me. A couple days after that seminar, I made an appointment to meet with the doctor to begin my journey.

Having surgery completely changed everything. I had to relearn how to eat and portion control. I had to learn that food wasn’t a way to occupy my time. I had to learn that food was for nourishment rather than comfort. I learned to make better choices because I knew I didn’t want to go back down the road to obesity. Once I started to notice the weight shedding off myself, I pushed myself to lose more and to stay on the healthy road to success. Weight loss changed the way I interact with food, with myself and the world around me.

After losing over 110 pounds, I have such a better quality of life. Aside from being more comfortable with my appearance, I am able to physically do things I never did before. I am able to walk with my family without being sore all over. I can play with my children in the park. I am no longer the depressed person that hid behind big sweatshirts. I am able to talk to people without being uncomfortable. I look forward to meeting new people. I am finally able to feel good and not sleep all of the time. Overall I feel more confident and hopeful about my future. I feel like I am finally living a life that I enjoy and deserve.