EMR TechKnow Sheets

Issue 1
Order Numbers to place on physician orders
My List
File Type-nursing vs. supply orders
Device Integration

Issue 2
Signing-Summary Sentence
eMAR & Med Reconciliation
Physician Consults

Issue 3
Unit Reference Book
Patient Labels without room numbers

Issue 4
Allergy Entry
Nursing Documentation
Pended Orders clean up
Fall Risk in Assessment Flowsheet
Patient care charges (chart)

Issue 5
Physician Access
Patient Placement
Pharmacy Workflow
I&D Orders

Issue 6
Reprinting labels and face sheets
Not using the default printer
I&D hardcopy of charts
Physician access to intake and output
Patient transfers
Consultants/groups populating lists
Orders tip

Issue 7
Patient class changes
Early transcription on AS/400
Units of blood products
Lab label printing
Closing encounters

Issue 8
Special chart requests
Lab peak and trough order workflow
Meal consumption %

Issue 9
Physician my list issues
Physician troubles
Project issues
Workstation timeout
Securing a device

Issue 10
Transaction reports/charge reports
Documenting discharged patients
ABN verification
Critical values from the lab
Order sets

Issue 11
Critical/high/medium/low issues-Command Center
New IV bags in eMAR
Patient census

Issue 12
eCovenant reference materials
RN acknowledging orders
Transaction reports
Record audit

Issue 13
Charting meds in the eMAR
Formulary medications during med reconciliation
Lab label printers

Issue 14
Blood transfusion charges
Respiratory therapy
Patient labels

Issue 15
Physician consults
Adding providers to the treatment team
eMAR-overdue meds and discontinued meds

Issue 16
PM&R Order entry
Applying labels to eCovenant order sets
Charging for blood transfusions and plasmapheresis

Issue 17
Documenting historical charge information
Finding the right CSN in charge entry
Consults and changes in orders
Consult CRM when changing patient class
Cardiac rehab orders

Issue 18
Special chart request

Issue 19
Hyperspace freezing
Entering orders (HUCs and RNs)
EKG results
Pended orders clean up
Data entry
Code orders
Printing, Lexmark printers, HP printers

Issue 20
Maximizing hyperspace
Changing the resolution
Charge entry

Issue 21
Additional training for order entry

Issue 22
New policy on verbal orders

Issue 23
Patient lists
Pended orders patient list column
Principle problem
Wasted medications-narcotics
Oxygen charges
Incorrect physician order assignment

Issue 24
Transferring patients to rehab/TCU--med orders
Continuous PRN allows rate change as an action
Sucrose added as pain intervention option

Issue 25
Discharging in Epic-detailed instructions

Issue 26
Pulling patients
Inserting a column in flowsheets
Med reconciliation for transferring patients
Acknowledge order definition

Issue 27
Treatment team security access
Verbal order policy clarification
I&D shortcuts

Issue 28
Omnicell “How-to” for med orders
Overdue meds
How med charges are dropped
Wasting narcotics

Issue 29
Charging for oxygen

Issue 30
Extended recovery documentation

Issue 31
Avoiding freeze ups…please close your chart when leaving the computer
Add food as an allergy
Acknowledge RT orders
Nightly check of medication orders

Issue 32
Respiratory eMAR tab is for RTs
Entering RT orders/medication
To order “May Travel without tele”
Making a special chart request

Issue 33
Printing face sheets
Watch for duplicate doctor names
Add/edit comment
Equipment and CPM charges

Issue 34
Getting Locked Out of Order Entry
Medication Frequencies in Ancillary & Procedural Areas
Sliding Scale Insulins
Social Security Numbers
Correcting Medications
Patient History
Order Status
Supply Orders/Charging
Orders/Communication Quick Tip

Issue 35
Logging into the Correct Department
Put in Reason for Discontinuing a Med Order
Removing a Physician from the Treatment Team
Peak and Trough Levels
Orders Needing the Ordering Physician

Issue 36
Leaving a PC - Timing Out
Medication Documentation
Medication Reconciliation
Transfer Navigator Reminder
Pharmacy Notes to Nursing
Past TechKnow Issues
Entering Diet Orders

Issue 37
Have a Question?
Documenting Feeding Tube Residuals
Documenting Blood Transfusion
Specimen Collection Priority
NPO After Midnight and NPO Diets
Documenting Home Medications

Issue 38
Changes in eCovenant
Medication Actions in the eMAR
OmniCell Overrides

Issue 39
Changes in eCovenant - related to Clinical Documentation, Orders and Registration

TechKnow 40
Entering Paper Orders
Documenting Codes in Epic
Ordering Gastroview
Adding an LDA to the Adult Vital Signs Flowsheet
Changes in eCovenant

TechKnow 41
Changes in eCovenant
Wounds on Wound Assessment Flowsheet
Error Affecting Patient Status
Treatment Team 'Locking Up'

TechKnow 42
Patient Privacy
DVT Prophylaxis
Documenting Orthostatic BP
Deceased Patients
Old Assessment Flowsheet
Reducing the Number of Flowsheets
Editing Another User's MAR Actions
Smart Phrases
Proper Process for Ordering Rh IG
Changes in eCovenant

TechKnow 43
Correcting Errors of Accidental Med Administration
Medication Alerts During Order Entry
Documenting Enteral Feedings
Charging for IV Pumps
Identifying Non-Published Patients
Medications That Appear Grayed in Med Documentation

TechKnow 44
Clarification on Completion of Documentation
Order Information in Chart Review
Medication Documentation Validation
Change in the Vitals Flowsheet
MAR Report

TechKnow 45
Process for Code Blue/Medical Emergency Documentation
Ordering a Nutritional Supplement
Completing Supply Orders
New Button on Toolbar
Changing the Look of the Nsg Worksheet
Improvements to the IV MAR Flowsheet
New Pediatrician Report
NCA Worksheet
When Adding a Maintenance IV to the IV MAR Flowsheet

TechKnow 46
Changes and Clarification in Order Modes
Discontinue Order Mode
Order Stacking

TechKnow 47
How to Get Help
The Process for Approving Change Requests
Recent Build Changes
Blood Transfusion
Ordering Update
Additional HUC Classes

TechKnow 48
Build Changes
Optimization Requests
Entering Consult Orders
Documentation Clarifications
Documenting IVs on the eMAR

TechKnow 49

TechKnow 50
Updating the Treatment Team
Order Set Moved
Instructions on "Unit Collect" Specimens
Writing a Discharge Planning Consult in Epic

TechKnow 51
Epic Surveys
Telephone Order Clarification
Validating that a Physician has Cosigned a Verbal Order
Viewing Expected Discharge Date
Three New Actions Added to the eMAR
Discharge Reminder
New Report
Medication Discharge Instructions
Process for Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccine Administration
Standing (Cycling) Orders
PICC Line Improvements

TechKnow 52
Clarification on Process for Sitter Charges
Helpful Hint
Physician Update
Avoiding Workstation Lockouts
Viewing Mobile Phone Number
Viewing Private (Non-Publish) Status
Home Medications Med Documentation Section
Accessing the H&P
Build Updates

TechKnow 53
Unit Schedule
Accessing Physician Information on Epic
Documentation Tips

TechKnow 54
Documenting Controlled Substance Waste
Reducing Errors in Order Entry
Improvement to Medication Look-up Screen
Phone Book
Discontinuing Orders at Discharge
Recently Discharged System Lists
MAR Updates

TechKnow 55
EMR Optimization
DVR Prophylaxis
Physician Consults
Patient List Columns
Hospital Medicine Listing
Infant Data Report

TechKnow 56
Discontinuing Orders at Discharge (Repeat Information from 1-21-08)
Verbal Orders - Physicians with Similar Names
TCU/Rehab Patients Requiring Surgery or an ECC Visit
Available Smart Phrases

TechKnow 57
LDA Line Linking Improvements
Central Line Improvements
Sheath Line Improvements

TechKnow 58
Physician Consult Orders / Order Sets
New Orders Available
Patient List Improvement
Helpful Hint
Code Blue Documentation - Returning to Paper
New Report Available
Entering Food Allergies
Patient Class Changes

TechKnow 59
Changing to Sliding Scale Insulin Orders

TechKnow 60
EMR Support Trainers Available
Home Health Equipment Requests
Chart Review Changes
Instructions on "Unit Collect" Specimens
Therapeutic Drugs
Unit Collect
Updates to Phone Book
Order Entry Updates
New Build

TechKnow 61
Lab Order Entry Reminders
Using a Workstation with Tap-Badge Software
Discontinued Order Reason
Documentation Flowsheet Addition

TechKnow 62
Transcription Tab in Notes Activity
Documents Table Addition
Signature Log in Paper Chart
LDAs on Admission
Verbal Orders - Physicians with Similar Names
Covenant Heart Specialists Group

TechKnow Physicians Issue 2

TechKnow Physicians Issue 3

TechKnow Physicians Issue 4