Lower Extremity Amputee Training Program

Posted Date: 9/3/2013
Step Up!

Amputee Training Program for Lower Extremity Amputees

Presented by Covenant HealthCare and Bremer Prosthetics. Physical therapists will be on hand to assist with the training and exercise program.

Free Program!

Who: Open to all lower extremity amputees, their families and rehabilitation professionals who would like to learn techniques for increasing functional prosthetic control.

When: Three dates to choose from!
4 pm to 6 pm
Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013
Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013
Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013

Where: Covenant HealthCare
515 North Michigan
Saginaw, MI 48601
(Outpatient Therapy located in the basement)

To register or for more information, please call 1.866.COVENANT (1.866.268.3626).

Event poster: View as PDF

Frequently asked questions

1. If patient had more questions than can be answered, direct them to:

  • Bremer Prosthetics at 810-733-3375

2. What will I be doing at the clinic?

  • Exercises
  • Mobility training for walking, stairs, transfers, etc
  • Short education for amputee care
  • Answering questions for those with amputees and their supporters
  • Walking tests
  • Mobility test
  • Interacting with other people with amputees and their families

3. Who can come?

  • Amputees and their support persons in their life, family, friends, caregivers, etc
  • Community people and caregivers who know or help an amputee or want further information

4. Does it matter what kind of leg amputation I have?

  • No, you can have a below knee amputation (transtibial) or above knee amputation (transfemoral)

5. Do you have to already have a prosthetic leg or know how a prosthetic leg?

  • No

6. Do I have to have insurance or pay out of pocket to participate?

  • No, it is a free clinic

7. Is each session different per month?

  • Yes, each clinic will include different exercises, education, testing. The only item that will be same each time is a mobility test so you can see your progress

8. Who will be leading the clinic?

  • Scott Baranek, a certified prosthetist, and Covenant Healthcare Physical Medicine and Rehab therapists

9. Where is it located?

  • The basement of 515 N Michigan, Saginaw, MI in the large therapy gym
  • “the old osteopathic hospital”
  • There will be signs and staff available to assist once inside the building to direct

10. Where can I park?

  • There is a free parking visitor parking lot available
  • If you cannot walk from the parking lot, someone may drop you off at the front door or the ambulance ramp sliding door (which open to the outpatient therapy clinic)
  • OR there is free valet parking available in which a security officer will park your car and bring it back to you at the end of the clinic. You will need to drive your car down the ambulance/outpatient clinic ramp and go to the outpatient clinic desk window for assistance

11. Should I arrive early?

  • The clinic will begin promptly at 4pm and you may arrive early. There is an outpatient clinic waiting room and there will be chairs available to wait in within the large therapy gym where the clinic will be held

12. Do I need to bring anything?

  • No papers needed
  • If you have a prosthetic leg, please wear to clinic
  • There will be walkers, canes, etc available for use, but if you have a specific assistive device (like a walker or cane) that you like to use, you may bring it

13. Do I have to register in advance?

  • No, there will be a sign in for walk-in participants, but we encourage you to register so we know how many people to plan for

14. Will there be 1:1 therapist/participant?

  • There will be supervision and assistance needed during difficult tasks or when you request assistance or guarding. Participants will be put into small groups to work with an individual therapist

15. Can I begin physical therapy at the clinic?

  • There will be a person to take your information and contact you after the clinic for further information

16. Will I see a doctor at this clinic?

  • No, but we can help with referring you to a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor (physiatrist)

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