Thrive! Employee Wellness Program

Thrive!Wellness seeks to help Covenant employees and the community live well, live strong, and live long. Individuals should be aware of and understand their overall health status and potential health risks. People who engage with a “Health Coach” and establish personal health/wellness goals are statistically more successful in attaining and sustaining health goals.

The Thrive!Wellness Program encourages all employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle in order to:

  • Decrease the risk of disease
  • More effectively manage/monitor chronic illnesses
  • Enhance quality of life

In conjunction with Covenant Human Resources, Thrive!Wellness is able to help employees who voluntarily participate in the program receive a wellness incentive and enroll in the enhanced health insurance plan.

If you have questions, please call the Wellness office at 989.583.6337 or 989.583.6302. You can also reach the Thrive!Wellness team by email at or