Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Training

Thank you for choosing Covenant HealthCare for your training environment. Prior to starting your rotation, some administrative functions need to be completed so you can get started with your observation.

Step 1
Covenant HealthCare requires a Master Agreement between this organization and your University. The following Universities already have Master Agreements in place:

  • Central Michigan University
  • Saginaw Valley State University

If you do not see your university in the above list, please contact so the process can be initiated.

Step 2
Download and complete the Proctor Agreement. Please note that you need an INDIVIDUAL Proctor agreement for each practitioner you are following.

Step 3
Download and complete the Student Acknowledgment.

Step 4
Complete the required S.P.A. (Student Passport Alliance) Orientation.

What is S.P.A.?
The four major hospitals in the Tri-City area, Bay Regional Medical Center, Covenant HealthCare, Mid-Michigan Medical Center - Midland and St. Mary’s of Michigan came together to form the Tri-City Student Passport Alliance or “S.P.A.”

The purpose of SPA is to develop a way to maximize the hours students from the various colleges and universities have to devote to “clinical experiences” at the respective clinical sites. This process standardizes orientation for the hospitals that make up the Tri-City SPA.

The student is required to the complete the Tri-City S.P.A. orientation each academic year (August to August). In addition, for each hospital they will be doing “clinical experiences” during that academic year, the student must complete that hospital’s agency specific orientation.

How do I complete S.P.A. training?

  1. Go to the S.P.A. website at
    1. Click Registration and Info tab under “Student."
    2. Create a User Account.
    3. Prior to the completion of creating an account, you will be prompted to enter a “key”. If you attend classes at any of the colleges or organizations who contract with S.P.A., your school will provide the key.

      If your school does NOT contract with S.P.A., than select “Click here to get a key”. You will be required to pay the $40.00 fee for participation.
      1. On the drop down tab, select “Hospital” and select “Covenant HealthCare,” then click the “Buy with PayPal” tab.
      2. Compete the registration. The S.P.A. “Security Key Code’ will be emailed to you at the email address you provided while creating the account. Save it - you can use it again within the next 12 months in the event you need to do a different hospital orientation.
  2. Complete the S.P.A. modules.
    1. The modules must be completed in one session. (There is no way to exit and then go back in and resume).
    2. At the completion of the modules you will come to the Passport Registration Page.
      1. Complete the registration information.
      2. Click “Submit Registration Data."
  3. Click “Certificate Only” on the drop down that asks for school affiliation.
    1. You may complete this at the same time you do the S.P.A. modules or at another time.
      1. If you elect to do the Hospital Specific online portion at another time, go to the S.P.A. website and log in using the e-mail address and password you indicated on the registration page.
      2. It will then take you to the “Status of Passport” page. You may then pick the hospital you need to complete online orientation for.

When do I need to complete a subsequent online orientation?
If the student has completed the online S.P.A. orientation one semester for the academic year (August 15 – July 31) they do not need to complete again in that academic year.

Example: If a student is going to St. Mary’s of Michigan for fall semester, they must complete the S.P.A. online orientation as well as the hospital-specific orientation for St. Mary’s of Michigan. If the same student is going to Bay Regional Medical Center for the winter semester of the same academic year, they need only do the online orientation for Bay Regional Medical Center following this process:

  1. Go to and login on the left hand side of the page.
  2. Click on the name of the hospital you are doing the on-line orientation.
  3. Type in the Security Key Code.
  4. Complete the on-line hospital specific orientation.
    1. The student has now completed the online portion.
  5. The Student Passport must be printed by the student. (The student is encouraged to print and keep one for their records.
  6. The student must present the Passport Alliance Certificate at the “On-Site” Hospital Orientation that will be kept by the Designated Hospital representative. (This will serve as documentation that the student has received orientation as required by various regulatory agencies (ie. JCAHO, MDPH).

Is there anything else I need to do for Hospital Orientation?

  • The student is responsible for keeping the original Passport Alliance Certificate for the entire academic year. If the student goes to a different hospital the next semester of the same academic year, they need only complete the online & on-site hospital specific orientation.
  • Some hospitals may not have required “On Site” orientation. In this case arrangements will be made to obtain required documentation of online orientation.
  • Students who do not complete the required orientation (online and/or on-site) will not be allowed in individual hospitals to provide patient care.

Where do I return this required information?
Return the information listed below to via email or fax (989.583.1097).

  1. Signed Student Acknowledgement form
  2. Signed Proctor Agreement form(s)
  3. Completed Passport Alliance Certificate
  4. Start and stop dates of the clerkship

Upon receipt of the above documents you will be eligible for approval of your clerkship/rotation at Covenant HealthCare.

Is there anything else that I need to do before I start my clerkship at Covenant HealthCare?

  • Obtain an identification badge
    Any personnel within Covenant HealthCare must wear an identification badge at all times. You will be responsible for obtaining this badge from the Human Resource Department, Andersen building, 1020 Almira (1C on map) - 2nd floor
    • Badge will be requested by this office after all forms have been submitted and should be available to you in the week prior to your start date.
  • Obtain Epic training
    If you will be using the electronic medical records system, Epic training is mandatory. Please contact the Epic trainers at 989.583.0464 to set up a date and time for your training. Epic access will be requested for you by this office after all the above forms have been submitted.
    • On your first day on campus, call the Help Desk at 36014 for your sign on information.

Reference Forms

Colleges and organizations that contract with S.P.A. annually (Should provide you with a security code key)

  • Alma College
  • Central Michigan University
  • Davenport University
  • Delta College
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • Mid-Michigan Community College
  • Baker College
  • Kirtland Community College
  • Mobil Medical Response
  • Montcalm Community College
  • Ross Medical Education Center
  • University of Michigan Flint